Pocket Change Coin Shop in Eaton Rapids, Michigan was founded by Larry Comer on October 1st 1991.

Larry has been a coin collector since he was 8 years old. A paper route in the "good ol days " was a great way to find coins.

I opened a coin shop because of the "passion " of the hobby of coin collecting. Helping other collectors and investors is more important than the money.

Two types of customers:

  1. Coin collectors =(Numismatics) A coin collector will assemble a "set" of a series of coins. A complete set of Mercury dimes or a set of Morgan Dollars for instance. Many things matter like condition,mint marks,die varieties,toning,eye appeal etc.
  2. Bullion investors = They don't collect anything. They buy coins or bars for the value of the medal only. Gold,Silver,Platinum,Palladium,Rhodium etc. Buy low-sell high!

They buy the medal at close to the melt value and hold it hoping the price goes up. Pocket Change Coin Shop has many types of American coins.I stock a wide variety of US collector coins,and have access to many types of bullion coins and bars.

Also at Pocket Change Coin Shop is FREE Advice. If you would like my advice on any coin collecting questions or information on bullion investment- come talk to me personally. Better yet I can tell you what not to collect or not to invest in. I have been in the Coin market for over 28+ years I will share my experiences with you one-on-one.

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